Nowadays, when there are smooth surfaces everywhere in most households, more and more children do not crawl. A baby trying to stand on all fours and crawl needs support (not only) in the knees. However, there is no support on a smooth surface. After several unsuccessful attempts, the baby gives up trying and accepts slithering as the primary way of moving around and tries to get to their feet as soon as possible. This problem actually has a term: “floating floor slippery effect”. A child who skips the crawling phase does not develop enough strength in their appropriate muscles. Therefore, they can easily slip into bad posture habits. Because I encountered these difficulties with my son, I began to study this topic actively. Due to the smooth surface in our home, he had a problem with crawling. As soon as I found out that the main problem was the smooth surface, I started cooperating with experts to develop special baby-pants with anti-slip areas in all the critical places. With this unique solution, the gecko™ baby-pants offer the support every child needs when moving on a smooth surface (knees, toes, and insteps). My son eventually crawled for four months and enjoyed the period very much. He especially loved when he could crawl faster than other children his age who were already walking.

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