My profession brought me from Europe to Canada, and this change was excellent because I real Native Americans became my new neighbors. During our coexistence in the undisturbed nature, our Native American neighbors became fresh grandparents, and so small children were the central theme in their lives. When they told me about the importance of crawling, I began to feel that a baby needed to crawl on their hands and knees. In their old tradition, it was essential for them to support the young children in crawling. They believed that this ability was the basis of survival in the wild given that everything is included in this skill, from the ability to run, keep balance, climb, or jump. Gaining control over our body's motor skills is a complex process. So, within my community, crawling sets up a child for their whole life.
In this idyllic place, my husband and I began to look forward to our baby. I decided that I would support my child in crawling.
By the time my son began to crawl, even though he was an expert at it, he still did not want to get on his hands and knees. I would watch him try; he excelled at crawling on the carpet, but once he went off it, he simply could not anymore. It was in that moment when the first version of gecko™ was conceived. The unique baby pants allowed him to crawl around effortlessly, even on smooth flooring. There was a phase when I combined our anti-slip crawling pants prototype and other available anti-slip wear. I adjusted everything according to my son's reactions and needs. Knowing that the market did not offer anything that would give children the necessary support for the first movements, I performed stress tests on my beloved son as he was trying to get moving. He showed terrific acting talent, and we laughed a lot at his posing in front of the camera.
We did it! Our son had been crawling successfully for four months before he decided to take his first step. And I can say that he enjoyed this period, especially when he could crawl faster than other children his age who were already walking. His success made me think that I should share this experience with other mothers and their children.
After a long search, I was lucky one more time in my life, and I met the right people while wandering from one textile fair to another in Portugal. I met children's clothing experts who had the best available technology in Europe. Finally, after two years of development and testing, I am pleased to introduce the original functional clothing that helps improve children's motor skills, ensures a safe learning process, and boosts babies’ sense of confidence.  gecko ™ would not have been possible without insights from the team of Mrs. Bergher, a pediatric physiotherapist. Thus, I thank her for her selfless cooperation and expertise. Theory without practice does not work! As an expert, she supervised the whole process of development of the gecko™ products.
Every child deserves the ideal conditions for their development; I would like to contribute to this process with our product gecko ™.
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