When a baby is born, visits to a pediatrician are entirely natural. We carefully monitor whether the baby is gaining enough weight and how they are growing. We rejoice with each progression, and we hope that everything will be as it should be so that we do not have to visit a physiotherapist. Because when it comes to a physiotherapist, it means something is going wrong and that "Vojta-Therapy – Reflex locomotion" follows. But this is not valid. The physiotherapist visit does not necessarily mean you will do exercises according to Vojta-Therapy with your baby, nor does it mean that something is wrong.

On the contrary, if we perceive a visit to a physiotherapist as a preventive matter, we can prevent development complications. A physiotherapist can quickly and reliably spot even the most minor deviations and advise handling the baby to avoid future complications. But when is the first preventive visit appropriate? Because the baby's first months are very dynamic and can affect the correct posture for the entirety of their future life, one must not delay the preventive visit. You can go after the sixth week to ensure that your baby’s development is headed in the right direction.

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